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TESSA JOHNSON // lead vocals

Tessa may be the Lady in this band, but she knows how to rock. She has performed on stages all over the country, from dive-y nightclubs to opera stages, from swampy bars to classical theaters. She'll heat up the audience with solid rock vocals, cool it down with sensual blues, and then throw in some auxiliary cowbell to keep it interesting.


CORY VERBIN // guitar, keyboards, vocals

Inspired originally by the 60's and 7o's classic rockers of his youth, Cory grew up haunting record bins of numerous genres and playing keyboards and guitar in an uncountable number of bands. Having dabbled in everything from rock, R&B, and Americana to punk, reggae, and avant-garage, Cory helps shape the diverse sound of the band, adding varied textures to the ‘Tramps heady blend of styles.

JEFF BURGAN // guitar, vocals

From garages to clubs, Jeff has played a variety of musical styles including rock, pop, folk and R&B. In the Tramps, Jeff's plays lead and rhythm guitar often featuring bottleneck slide. Coupled with his background and lead vocals, Jeff provides several musical layers that contribute to the band's rockin' R&B sound. 

ROSS BLAUFARB // drums, vocals

Ross brings an eclectic musical sensibility to Lady & The Tramps, infusing his playing with a tasty mix of rock, jazz, funk, and R&B. But whatever the genre or song, Ross knows it’s all about laying down a solid, danceable groove.

MARK YEE // saxophone, vocals

One of the busiest and most in-demand musicians in the bay area, Mark brings years of gigging experience and top-tier musicianship on alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone to the group. In addition, he shines on harmony and occasional lead vocals that augment his gleaming visual presence onstage. 



Simon is originally from the UK and has been playing bass in bands since he was a teenager. These bands have ranged from an 80s electro-pop band playing original material (with matching hair) to more blues-influenced cover bands, some full-on rock acts, and even a Bowie tribute band jammed in there as well. Simon's approach to having a solid rhythm section is to pay attention to the drummer's right foot and play with authority. 

bartzie accordion.jpeg

DAVID BARTZ // keyboards

Dave has been playing keyboards in rock bands since middle school when he brought the crowd down with 'Inna Godda Da Vida'. He spent two years on the road with Young Americans, a professional musical theater group performing piano for West Side Story and to Richard Rodgers with Love, and at the same time, visiting 48 states! More recently, he has been exploring both analog and digital synthesizers and bringing those experiments to Lady and The Tramps. 

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